Sunday, July 08, 2012

Changes that will take place soon

There are about to be many changes at Info4u with political issues being removed, and the 4x4 ban issues being passed over to others. Info4u will no longer be pushing the 4x4 ban issues, but we will continue to support the ARBU (Association of Recreational Beach Users) and their political issues.

Info4u will be focusing on CLOUD COMPUTING SERVICES and related matters. Our Facebook pages found at and our Twitter pages at will focus exclusively on supporting this blog and the main web site found at

The pages at will progressively change and drop the Elephant Coast marketing pages which will be moved to the domain The web site will still recieve our support, but this will not be as prominent as it was in the past. 

Online marketing and advertising will reverie our primary attention from now on, and we will be ensuring that the tips and tricks mentioned by Frank Gainsford in his facebook post are also mentioned here along with more details and how to get your business listed in our South African focused marketing pages at

Info4u will be placing some free adds and free marketing space available to the public who take the time to respond to our efforts during the next few weeks, our income will be mostly from paid advertising space in our blogs, websites and other online social media marketing campaigns as well as from consulting fees and fees to set up small and micro companies with cloud computing services such as
  • email
  • blogs
  • facebook
  • twitter
  • web sites (
Info4u will also be offering some short courses which will cover the basics of  how to use social media for your business. These courses will not have any certificates attached, and are not recognized by any training authority, but they will not coast you an arm and a leg. These very elementary courses will give you the confidence to start your own marketing and will be supported by our marketing pages.

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