Friday, May 31, 2013

Google Plus Author Rank Do you make use of this?

What do you think of this new SEO avenue that Google has put on the table?

Some say it is great some say it sucks and some say what ? I don't believe this exists.

In my humble opinion this is a wonderful avenue to add some SEO value to yourself as an author, and it works very well. My image shows up next my search results for a number of terms in a few different websites that I own, as well as for my blogs and some posts that I make in other blogs.

Search for "Frank Gainsford" in Google and see for yourself...

after watching the video please leave a comment for me to evaluate

This adds value to your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and improves your SERP's (Search Engine Results Page) big time. G+ or Google Plus is also a  great social media platform that is steadily growing in size and stature, which also adds many different SEOVI (Search Engine Optimisation Value Indicators) to your other online pages in strange ways that elevate them considerably in the SERP's when your reference them in your posts. My preliminary research on my own work shows that once you have established your Authorship credentials this is even more effective.

If you are following my previous posts and have an understanding of FUFISM then you will realise where this fits in with your Functional User Friendly Integrated social Media policies and how this can influence the rest of your marketing, and the impacts are quite impressive.

Please leave a comment discussing your views on Google authorship. I need this for some research. If you want to see the results of this research please say so in your comments.

Thanx again for visiting my blog.