Saturday, September 15, 2012

SEO for startups in under 10 minutes Plus other reading material.

The links below will add some value to this video covering basic SEO - Search Engine Optimisation, and should be read only after you have viewed the video, as the video will still be fresh in your mind, and you will be able to tie the pieces together with a deeper understanding of the many complexities of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation.

This short video discusses the very elementary basics of SEO (search Engine Optimisation) and gives some very good tips to beginners in the SEO business.

What is not discussed is the fact that SEO or Search engine Optimisation starts with defining your target market, and choosing your web site content and the COPY with great care to ensure that your target market group  forms the core base of all visitors to your site.

After all your hard work you dont want a bunch of visitors to your pages who are not interested in what you are discussing, and feel that they were some how tricked into clicking on your link.  So think this through clearly and remember that SEO or Search Engine Optimisation should form an integral part of your complete marketing strategy.

Reading previous posts in this blog will also help in understanding how to integrate SEO into your marketing strategy at the top level and why it is essential to ensure that your SEO manager has a good working relationship with your whole workforce.

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