Saturday, September 15, 2012

SEO resouces by

I found this wonderful resource site where there is just simply loads of good well researched stuff with many links to relevant information and a great easy to use navigation structure that allows you to find the stuff you want in a jiffy. check their SEO or Search engine Optimisation section here

check their home page here  

Go to their pages and surf around, use their in site search tools to find all the info you need about SEO read their articles and be surprised at what you can learn from these guys.

Just remember what SEO - Search Engine Optinisation is.... the art of ensuring that your online target audience finds your pages in search engines....

Take time and discuss this with your managers and ensure that you, or a person who you can work with is part of the marketing team. Make sure that the marketing staff understand what the purpose of SEO is and that this is a common thread in all marketing efforts.