Sunday, September 13, 2015

SEO and the C-SUIT team

Getting the C-SUIT TEAM to buy into the value of SEO is a tough nut to crack.


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a very poorly understood concept, but it's implications within the online marketing industry are so massive that your SEO can make or break a company in terms of online exposure, and the costs involved in getting the right target market group to actually fall into your online conversion funnels.


Getting your executive staff  (the C-SUIT team) to buy into this understanding, and accept the fact that SEO needs to be integrated into your online marketing through a #FUFISM based  marketing strategy is essential, as they need to support this and ensure that the many different marketing tactics that a company use, are all integrated into a single well managed holistic marketing plan.


The introduction of the Google Humming Bird in August / September 2013 was the point at which this started to become important, but most marketing folks, both online and off line have not yet adopted  new strategies that incorporate the necessary thinking that came along with the introduction of SEMANTIC SEARCH and its many new Search Engine Optimisation Value Indicators (#SEOVI) that now need to be incorporated in all your marketing, both online and offline.

This recent post by +Eric Enge  of STONE TEMPLE CONSULTING discusses some of the real tricky issues that need to be addressed in getting the C-SUIT TEAM (CHIEF SOMETHING OFFICERS) to buy into the value of SEO for your marketing efforts, both online and off line.

I have written about the value of SEO before, and I suggest that you take a peep see at some of my older posts just to remind you of the way that I think, and help you to understand why it is so vitally important that the C-SUIT team buy into the many different issues associated with a +fufism  based\marketing philosophy. This post discusses the value of SEO

Getting a buy in from your senior management is a very difficult task for those within the SEO industry, and breaking down the individual SILOS that exist for each marketing field is even more difficult, but these two issues need to be attacked with some vigor by the SEO team to ensure that there is cohesion and cooperation across marketing platforms, and also across individual marketing campaigns within the same marketing mediums.

Those who have  marketing silos for print media, radio, web sites, blogs and social media platforms are in for a shock as the SEO values of individual  digital entities become more important within the search space due to semantic profiling and all the other issues associated with the SEOVI (Search Engine Optimization Value Indicators) that have been introduced by the Google Hummingbird algorithm and its close associates. 

These new new search engine optimization variables, especially those connected with individual digital entities semantic footprints, and the network linkages between separate identifiable digital entities, such as authors, publishers, image creators, video editors, social media practitioners and so many others, are now beginning to have bigger and bigger  impacts on search results as search engines gather more data and look at ways to eliminate poor quality results form their SERP's.

Those who have been using the REL = AUTHOR and REL = PUBLISHER  tags are seeing the positive results as these help improve the STFSEOVI (Semantic Trust Factor Search Engine Optimization Value Indicators)  

Those who have been using the EXIF data options for images, videos, PDF documents and other embedded files  are also seeing the positive results (see #10blueinks )   

Getting the C-SUIT TEAM to understand this and buy into the SEO value of an integrated marketing plan where SEO plays a leading role is a very difficult task, how ever the fruits that grow within your SERP's are truly worth the effort to convince the C-SUIT TEAM of the value of SEO and why SEO needs to be integrated inot all your marketing, both online and off line.

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