Saturday, October 08, 2022

Search outside the box:

 those of you who follow me coz I blog about SEO stuff are really gonna enjoy this.flowera in the garden, just to relax the mind and create a diversion.. SEO or Search engine Optimisation is a comlex task that requires many different folks doing vastly different, but semantically connected to the core of things

In this online document resource, Google employee ( Senior Vice President Prabhakar Raghavan  discusses search issues that we as technical SEO folks and all associated IT(#SEamanticEngineering)  fellas have zero control over or even indirect input. The tools that Google has made available for end users to use as part of the end-user experience when using search tools are quite scary.  this includes stuff like voice search tools, image search tools and near-me type search requests that will soon be available to all end users.

So #GEOTAGGING and #HashTagMarketing will now have new meaning and functionality within the online search environment. this will make experiences at theme parks, shopping malls, events and other area-bound activity could be managed for near-me search issues.  GEO TAGS in the <HEAD> section alongside keywords, page titles and page descriptions will be very helpful.

Using the appropriate #LinkAttributes such as NO-FOLLOW  link title, and link description are also very helpful in many ways, coz these are rather heavy-weight "QUALITY SIGNALS" that search engines really appreciate, as this gives them a deeper insight into the purpose and intent of your specific online asset. 

So this is a true FUFISM-based marketing issue, where SEO needs to be understood to be all about online search visibility and the different types of online SERPs that are offered to the end user. one also needs to consider the actual search tool when evaluating the SEO factors that need to be considered. This is where #SemanticTrust and related sentiment and intent signals are truly helpful. These include things like 
  • GEO tags,
  • contributor tags
  • publisher tags
  • author tags
  • industry tags
  • any other unique tags
So Remember SEO is all about teamwork and ensuring that everybody knows the intended target market audiences. Both of them... The first is normal people, as in the <BODY> section of the HTML code and the second is the search bots and their algorithmic handlers at search engines, which is the <HEAD> section   SO PAY ATTENTION to the <HEAD> section of your online assets, as there are many opportunities here to inform search engines about the purpose and intent of your web site, blog or another online asset. 

Thanx for reading here

so this message from Prabhakar Raghavan is vital to understand within the online marketing industry, coz the SEO Implications are rather large and plenty full. 

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