Friday, November 17, 2017

What is hashtag marketing, and why should you use #HASHTAGMARKETING

So there are two questions

1) What  is hash tag  marketing ?
2) Why should you use hasH tag marketing ?

Hash tag  marketing  is a complicated marketing  strategy, which is easily  implemented  once planned.   The complicated part  is doing the SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, and then ensuring that the planned SEO work, fits into the total marketing  plan, in an integrated and managed  manner.

This sounds simple when written   here,  but believe you me,  there are many pitfalls that you need to be awear of, and I have discussed this with many different  marketing folks, who each have a different focal area, or a different  approach  to  solving the many different parts  of this equation.

Problems start  when different  perspectives of the purpose of SEO show  themselves  within your marketing   team.  You do need to remember that SEO  or Search  engine optimisation  is ALL THE WORK  done by your entire marketing  team  to ensure that your online content is discovered by your Intended target  market  audience, who then follow through, consume  your content and activate  your  CTA  or  Call To Action.

So before we discuss hashtags, we need to have an understanding of SEO, because  #HASHTAGMARKETING is a very special, and super powerful  #SEOTOOL  Now there are many SEO TOOLS THAT HAVE IMENSE POWER,   but none come close to the power of hash  tag marketing.

SEO has three distinct  segments which  are all three stand alone projects,  but they  work as a team to get  consumers  to consume  your online content. These three distinct r SEO SEGMENTS are

1) IPSEO  or In Page  Search  engine  optimisation
2) OPSEO  or Off Page Search Engine optimisation
3) OPSEO or Off Line Search  engine  optimisation

Segments 1 and 2 are well known and discussed  at great length by many  experts  within the interwebs these are the standard  SEO  things such as the stuff in the HTML  CODE  ( IPSEO )  and all the supplemental marketing   ( OPSEO  ) including  but not limited to
CONTENT  marketing

Then we  get the really  interesting   stuff in the OLSEO or Off Line Search engine optimisation, which is the space where you use your in depth  knowledge  of your intended target market audience to do off line marketing  of your online content.

So once again SEO or Search Engine  Optimisation is ALL THE WORK  done   by your entire marketing team  to ensure  that your intended target  market  audience  finds your  online  content  when searching for your selected  keywords within the online line environment, then select  your link in the  Search  Engine  Results  Page, then consume your  online  content, following  through  with clicking on your  DESIRED   ( primary  ) CTA or Call To Action.

It thus follows that the primary purpose  of Search  Engine  Optimization is to ensure that  your online content is

  1. Found by your target  market  audience  within the SERP'a  of your intended  target   market audience's  favourite  Search  Engine 
  2. Consumed by your Intended target market audience 
  3. Activated  by a click on your  desired Call To Action within your online content. 

For your SEO  to be deemed successful you will need all three of these above purposes to be fulfilled.  SEO is not just about visitor numbers, but also  includes the aquisition  of high quality  Search traffic where your  conversion rate  should be included in the SEO  PLANNING 

Now coming  back to what is a hash tag.......

A hashtag  is a special element within the social media  environment which makes a string of characters clickable as a catagory selector, usually turning blue, to indicate that it is a clickable link.  When one clicks on an active  hashtag within the social media environment, a SERP  or search engine  results page is returned. This SERP  may be viewed in different  ways, such  as by time and date, or by relevance, or by popularity  depending on user preferences and social  media platform. 

Now the real nice  thing about hashtags, is that they are platform independent, and show up in organic search too.  So this is where  choosing  a product,  event or brand hashtag gets  interesting, and if you are lucky, you can come up with a unique  hashtag that is specific to your  marketing  needs..

See this pinterest  pin discussing hash  tags 

So HASH TAG MARKETING  is the art of using these ultra powerful