Thursday, August 25, 2022

Practical training : wow Bizz , Khula Village.

 Frankie2Socks Consulting Services is based in Khula Village, in the Mtubatuba local municipality of Umkhanyakude district municipality. We are near St. Lucia, the tourism hub of the Elephant coast. 

#Framkie2Socks will be giving one on one practical lessons focusing on #FUFISM based marketing, and all the small online  fragments that make up a holistic online marketing strategy and implementation policy.

SEO or Search engine Optimization is a rather complex issue that takes up a very big portion of your marketing research. Fortunately this is shared information which is usually paid for by other departments out side of the online marketing environment. So these lessons and associated online information sharing tactics will not focus so much on SEO, but rather focus on the practical implantation of online marketing tactics.

We as the teaching team, will supply individualised personal lessons on topics and applications of your choices.  You will however need to arrive in person. So arrive with out a fixed appointment, and we may not be able to help you. We will not be doing zoom or other online teaching. Our lessons are personal, in person and are created after discussion with you, discussing your business needs, and possible solutions to assist you to fulfill your business needs.

Contact Frankie2Socks at for more details.