FUFISM is a word coined by INFO4U to use in our marketing of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SMCS (Social Media Consulting Services)  FUFISM is just basic use of all your resources in an integrated manner so that you may maximise the impact of your social media and other online efforts in an informed, efficient and controlled manner.
FUFISM = Functional User Friendly Integrated Social Media 

Our blog discusses the integration of your many separate marketing efforts, such as your web iste, your blog, your Facebook pages, Your Twitter profiles, your pinterest profile, your Google plus profile and pages, as well as the management strategies that need to be in-place to support FUFISM.

 FUFISM is a totally new way of looking at Social Media as a few different tool boxes containing  marketing tools, and advocates integration of many different departments usually not included in your marketing strategy meetings into your complete marketing program in a holistic manner.

Most marketing managers are very resistant at first, but once they fully understand the term FUFISM, and realise the mistakes that they have been making as far as all online marketing is concerned they sing a very different tune, and reap the rewards within weeks, and sometimes even days.

The true corner stones of FUFISM are
  • Information sharing and interdepartmental co-operation strategies  
  •  target market identification  across all platforms
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) across all platforms
  • Good copy writing
  • Results monitoring across platforms with recommendation sharing across departments
  • Regular meetings of all marketing staff with the following all present at the same meeting:
    • SEO staff / consultants
    • Social media staff / Consultants
    • web site design staff / consultant
    • blogging staff / consultant
    • public relations staff / consultant
    • administration staff
    • in house sales staff and sales reps
    • other affected departments
If you apply FUFISM to your online efforts and integrate your social media into your company marketing philosophy  then you will reap the rewards with fantastic SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages) for all your company online marketing efforts across all platforms including but not limited to
  • Your company web site
  • Your company blogs
  • Your company social media projects
  • Your company online marketing efforts across all media

FUFISM works best when everybody within your company applies FUFISM 


To understand FUFISM better  you first need to understand what SEO or Search Engine Optimization is , and how this should form the cor element in all your marketing efforts .  This understanding starts with using the correct definition of SEO.   So we suggest using this brief but effective definition of Search Engine Optimisation.

Search Engine optimisation is all the work done by your marketing team and their various partners to ensure that your intended target market audience

1) find your online content in the Search Engine Results Pages

2) choose your online content from the provided Search engine Results Page

3) consume your online content and  perform a Call To Action within the page discovered in the SERP's


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