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Social litenimg with the @MENTION TOOL

SOCIAL LISTENING is the key to social media marketing
#FUFISM helps your online search results or #SERPS

Purpose  of social listening

Social listening has a multitude of purposes, with the primary purpose being to stay in touch with your intended target market audience and join conversations where  you and your products as well as services are the topic of discussion.

Aims of social listening

Each company  will  have its own long  list of aims when it comes to social listening, but there is a core area where  every social listening tactic has an impact. That is the ability to be informed when your input to a conversation is needed or required, by your intended target market audience. So one of  your primary aims within the social media space  should be to keep informed of when, and where, your input is required, needed or requested.

Objectives of social listening

Social listening is a very complex business where there are a host of marketing  objectives, however the primary role of all social listening should fall within the PR or Public Relations space, here  the main objective should be to establish a set of conditions whereby you will be informed / notified when you, your products or services are discussed within the social media, so that you may join the conversation and lead your intended target market audience deeper into your conversion and sales  funnels.  It is the PR FOLKS DUTY as a servant  or errand boy to ensure that the correct folks within your company get to join the conversation which the PR FOLKS STARTED ON YOUR BEHALF  so that your company  / organisation may service the needs of its customers, clients or patrons.

The Mention tool will give you the online ability to establish a social media listening platform, to suit your online marketing and sales needs.

Now the    PR folks are really not gonna appreciate me saying this, but their job, as outlined above from a slightly different erspective,  is just to ensure that the marketing and sales folks have a conducive and freindly, pre-prepared  environment to work in.

Many folks think that PR or Public relations work is outside of the marketing and sales arena, and a stand alone company function.  This is a gross error in terms of FUFISM based marketing, as PR or Public Relations  is deemed to be a primary  role player  within the marketing environment, being a subsection within the sales space, which is subservient to your marketing strategies, but also informs your marketing policies and directives, as part of your  sales feedback loops. PR FOLKS have an important role to play, however PR or Public Relations is not the lead marketing role player, nor captain of your marketing team.

 The PR FOLKS need to understand their subservient position, and not try to lead, but rather take their proper position within the SEO environment seriously, as these are the folks who make the most use of the social media environment to do their work. PR stuff is complicated  and has tentacles that reach every corner of your business, so their role should never be under-estimated.  That being said, when talking marketing or sales, then PUBLIC RELATIONS is a servant in the team.

The other issue to consider here is the power that search engines are currently (July 2017) giving to social media connectivity, AS A PRIMARY SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION VALUE INDICATOR, along with the SEMANTIC CONNECTIVITY, and #SEMANTICFOOTPRINT of your social media following, and the multi tiered relationships between
Social media business pages
social media profiles
Websites and Blogs
 authors and publishers
you and your intended target market audience
Your other digital assets

One needs to remember that the purpose of all marketing is to improve the bottom line in the company or organisations ROI (Return On Investment )   This investment and associated return is not always in the  form of hard countable cash, and within the  online marketing environment many of these Returns On Investment are in the form of positive #SEOVI which have rather lucrative  spin-offs in the #SERPS, placing your online content closer to the top of the list, or even at the number one spot.

 Hard countable cash can not easily  find a route to pay for these supprisingly powerful returns, as they come from properly prepared and well managed social media conversations,  where the knowledge bases and SEMANTIC FOOT PRINTS  of the folks in the comment  streams are the source of these very significant, and extremely lucrative  ROI’s within the SEO environment.


One must remember that the Search Engine Results Pages or SERP’s  are your entry portals to your online marketing  content.

 When the end user, or your intended target market audience, click on a link in the SERP they open that specific page, which is usually not your desired landing page, or ideal site entry point.  So you do need to understand how, and where your intended target market audience  first gain access to your online content.  This is a very complex issue that needs time and team effort to have any meaningful input within your online marketing strategies. Afterall how many places does your marketing exist, and what triggered the online search which resulted in a clickthrough?

 Which one of the following is the guilty culprit that generated the intentions  of the search query? or was it a combination of these, or perhaps something quite diffetent where you had no input ?
  • news paper and magazine adds
  • Local Radio or TV adds
  • your flyers distributed locally
  • Your street signage or billboards if you can afford them
  • a hashtag marketing campaign (new or old )
  • a social media marketing campaign
  • What you had to say at that speaking event you attended last week?
  • something else not in this  list?

SEOVI or Search Engine Optimisation Value Indicators are those variables which Search Engines like Duckduckgo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu or Google use to evaluate online content with the intent to be able to match that exact content to future search queries in a manner that best serves the needs of the person entering the query.  This is by no means a simple or easy task, and the engineers at Google have hinted at using in excess  of 500 different SEOVI within their vast array of different algorithms which inspect and evaluate online content.

 These  SEOVI come in many different disguises, and plenty of  marketing folks focus on individual components, and sell these INDIVIDUAL  SEO COMPONENTS  as stand alone services, which should in reality be subsets within the greater SEO environment.

Here we are talking about issues such as but not limited to the list below, which from a #FUFISM  based marketing perspective are each subsets within the greater SEO environment :

  • copy writing
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • technical IPSEO (the real hardcore SEO )
  • Link building and link earning outreach programs
  • Influencer marketing
  • Blogging  and associated website interaction tactics
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Paid search marketing
  • Cost per click marketing
  • Online classified ads and associated networks
  • Online banner ads
  • web site navigation  and outbound linking issues
  • PR or Public Relations activities
  • many different Off Line Marketing tactics
  • Hashtag marketing campaigns

When looking at the list above remember that these are just some of the  subsets of the 2017 and future SEO environment, where search engines  are using social media SEOVI (Search Engine Optimization  Value Indicators ) as primary variables within their complicated SEARCH  ALGORITHMS.  This means that social media signals now carry very high end specialised SEOVI through into old algorithms such as PANDA, PENGUIN, PIGEON, HUMMINGBIRD as well as into new algorithms like FRED and many other un named algorithms.

Things like but not limited to the list below are currently rather  important within the SEO environment.
author credibility,
  • author expertise and area of focus
  • Publisher issues along with links to authors
  • Context and semantic related connections
  • Social media coverage and social media profile related knowledge recognition systems
  • #IPSEO or Inpage Search Engine Optimisation where things like, but not limited  the list here are evaluated
  • Geo data and language
  • copy writing and contextual stuff
  • linking and navigation issues
  • Schema markup and similar issues
  • Image ALT TAGS and EXIF DATA
  • keywords  and  related SEMANTICS
  • Stuff in your <HEAD SECTION> like
  • Page titles
  • Keywords
  • Page description
  • Authors, publishers and contributors
  • Geo tagging
  • Language
  • #OPSEO or Off Page Search Engine Optimisation
  • #OLSEO or Off line Search Engine Optimisation

There are many different definitions for SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, but the fact that technology is growing and reaching deeper into old areas, as well as discovering new areas and new techniques to use within the search engines ever improving algorithms, leaves us as online marketers at a clear and distinct crossroads. We need to make new decisions, and review past SEO practices and strategies, so as to ensure that we take the correct road forward.  Search engines are leaving many false clues that lead us down the road of banishment for violations of SEO GUIDE LINES.

Social interactions and comment streams now have a very significant impact on your SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages ) and the SEMANTIC FOOT PRINTS  of your online content, which is linked to from within your comment streams.  The comment streams  of those folks who talk about you within the social media environment  without you knowing that they are talking about you, are included here also,  and  when others link to your online content from within their social media posts as well as related comment streams. These  social interactions, which you may not even know exists, can have a very significant or influential SEO  impact on your online content, so evaluate this carefully.

They could be saying either  good or  bad things about you, your products or the services that you offer.  You thus need to have some means in place to develope a notification system which will inform you when these conversations are happening, and supply the online link to specific social media posts so that you, or a member of your team may join the conversation. 

 The #MENTION LISTENING TOOL can do this for you.

HTTP://BIT.LY/MENTION4U your link to access the mention tool.

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