Issues with link building and rules of link building.

Link building issues that you need to take care of.

Link building is a very big issue as it is a core SEOVI (Search Engine Optimisation Value Indicator)  that is used by search engines to evaluate pages, sub domains and entire domains, and this forms a very significant porting of your domain rank issues.

Domain rank is a core metric that is used in determining sub domain ranking factors (read SEOVI) which are the primary factor in page rank issues, as links that point to sites and web pages all contribute to the common trust factors of a page, as well as trust factors for authors, publishers and other identified digital identities.

Links, both internal and external contribute significantly to a variety of different SEOVI that impact on your SERP's (Search Engine results pages). This white board Friday with Cyris Sheperd   will help you understand the core issues around links and link building that you need to address   

Link to transcript and original WHITE BOARD FRIDAY post

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