FUFISM or Functional User Friendly Integrated Social Media is a marketing philosophy where the social media plays a key role in ensuring better online exposure of your company, products, services or related information, which will result in better SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages)

Remember that each social media platform has it's own set of built in tools, with help function.  Take some time and evaluate these tools which are mostly statistical data with insights as well as some means to introduce platform specific sharing tools that you can use to build links to that platform which you will be able to add to your web site, your blog, your Email marketing and other online platforms.

There are two separate sections for #FUFISMTOOLS   The first is free tools and the second is paid tools. Some of the tool providers offer both free versions and paid versions. The 4u Brand team, may in some cases be earning a commission from the sale of these paid tools, and we appreciate your support in more ways than you know.  As time goes on we will have a small writeup for each of the tools listed within the spread sheet below.

FUFISM helps you to ensure that relevant marketing information is shared between the different individuals who work on your social media and marketing as an integrated and cohesive team, and the tools discussed here are all in place to make information gathering and information sharing easier and more meaningful to all persons on your marketing team.  The spread sheet below will be updated as we find time and resources to do so. 

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