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Hash tag marketing is taking the social media world by storm and is becoming popular with the masses.  This trend started with TWITTER and has subsequently spread out across  many different social media platforms and is even being used through marketing companies in their cross media, or trans media marketing as some marketers are beginning to leverage the true power of hash tag marketing.

Info4u is putting a marketing package together that would be marketed as a complete hash tag marketing campaign, and include instructions on how to use each component of the package in a #FUFISM based hash tag marketing campaign.

We would appreciate any comments,including  tips,  criticism (positive or negative) as well as  tricks that you use in your marketing campaigns  You can leave these in the comments here or on our page +fufism  and we will then add you to notification circle and then notify you each time we add a post within this blog discussing any one of the many components that make up a FUFUSM based #HASHTAGMARKETING campaign.

The Google Humming bird Algorithm has made these issues so much more powerful, as the marketing team using these #HASHTAGS as specialized online marketing indicators to monitor and manage their hashtag marketing campaign acquire *TRUST* within their personal Google plus profiles. This trust is used by Google to elevate the many different SEOVI (Search Engine Optimisation Value Indicators) associated with this trust factor, which then  improves the SERP (Search Engine results pages) associated with these individuals as authors or contributors to any blog posts, web pages, social media posts or other online content where Google has a means to verify that this individual is indeed a contributor in some form.  See this infographic showing the main concerns of the Google Humming Bird Algorithm.

There are a host of other elements that add to these trust factors, and the use of your campaign specific hashtag across different platforms adds trust to the specified hashtag, and entrenches the association of this hash tag with other digital identities such as your Google Plus business page, your Google plus community associated with your campaign specific hashtag,  your pinterest page associated with this hash tag, your instagram profile associated with this hashtag, your facebook business page associated with this campaign specific hash tag and many other digital identities including but not limited to your web site and your blog.

It is like filling up a 220 liter drum (old school 44 gallon drum) with drops of water.  If you do not align the source of the drips with the hole in the drum, or put a funnel system in place to ensure that the drops end up in the drum, you will never fill the drum.  Only here the drips are hidden in the SEOVI (Search Engine Optimisation Value Indicators) associated with your online content and the personal authority of your marketing team members who do the actual posting to your blogs, web sites or social media profiles, and the funneling system is your online conversion funnel, along with the social media posts across all your different social media profiles with the drum being your SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages) and the Social signals associated with your online content being bigger drops that leave calling-cards and  route indicators for future drops to run faster along the networks that you have put in place for your specific #hashtag.

The source of these drips is your trans media marketing where you would be using your campaign specific hash tag as the core element in your visual marketing,  like flyers, posters, road side banners and bill board marketing as well as your marketing in news papers, magazines  or Radio.  Your trans media marketing would entice your intended target market to search in Google, or any other search engine for your campaign specific hashtag, where your marketing team should have already made a significant contribution to the SERP's by
more tips on #FUFISM based hashtag marketing1) having a suitable landing page in place where your hashtag is the central theme on your web site
2) having a blog in place discussing related issues, with at least one post containing your campaign specific hash tag
3) having a Google plus business page in place where the campain specific hashtag forms the basis of the discussion
4) having a Google Plus community in place to support your G+ page, blog and web site
5) having a suitable Facebook business page in place to discuss this campaign specific hashtag
6) having a campaign specific pinterest board in place with some info graphics or suitable photos focusing on your campaign specific #hashtag
7) having a campaign specific twitter profile in place

Then there are the tools that you would use to acquire management statistics and related marketing trends, as well as evaluate your target market research results and the related impact that these issues have on your ongoing target market engagement activities and your conversion funnel.

As this project progresses we will be updating this page to contain links to issues around hash tags and #hashtagmarketing in the table below.

Pages used in research  (not in any specific order)


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