Tuesday, July 17, 2012

National Environmental Management: Integrated Coastal Management Act (No. 24 of 2008)

National Environmental Management: Integrated Coastal Management Act (No. 24 of 2008)

read this as back ground info and study material

Is FaceBook marketing successfull

Is marketing on faceBook worth your efforts?

Well the short answer is a very big MAYBE

Read this article   then come back and read further here

Well what does the success of your FaceBook marketing depend on?

the answer is simple, is your target market clearly defined, and have you used the correct product / service related terminology in your copy-writing?

The success of your FaceBook marketing  can further be boosted by doing some good old fashioned SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in the back ground by supplementing your FaceBook stories with
  • a twitter campaign with its own profile
  • a blog or two with related posts
  • a  website at its own domain that has 
    • a facebook like button
    • a tweet this button
    • links to your related blogs
    • been optimised for search engines
  • making use of online forums and chat rooms
  • active marketing profiles on other multi-media platforms
A multi-media campaign  with the following components will also help if you have the resources
  • old fashioned flyers
  • magazine adds
  • newspaper adds
  • radio adds
  • TV adds
enjoy your multi-media and social media marketing, or else get specialist to do these things for you.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Econimic losses due to mismanagment in iSimangaliso Wetland Park

Greater St. Lucia Wetlands Park: Responsibilities of a World Heritage Site Resident...: To live in or adjacent to a World Heritage Site has certain responsibilities. Claiming you are living in a World Heritage Site...

For many years I battled to get support for the idea that St. Lucia was suffering great losses due to the mismanagement of the IWPWHS (iSimangaliso Wetland Park World Heritage Site) by the IWPA (iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority) and became consumed with this issue until I went bankrupt.

Many others followed this route to financial ruin, though most were a lot faster than me. The collapse of the Domestic tourism market along the Elephant Coast of KZN South Africa  is still denied by the IWPA (iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority) and they are due for a wake up call following the incident where a hippo attacked a man in St.Luci recently read more here

This in incident will lead to many other issues being discussed, and hopefully in the right forums where the IWPA (iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority) can be held accountable for their actions that preceded this attack. The hippos feeding grounds have been poisoned with DDT as a MALARIA retardant, sprayed to keep the number of mosquitoes down.

Fences have been erected without  due diligence of EIA (Environmental Impact Assessments) and no PPP (Public Participation Procedures)  have been done as is mandated by the NEMA (National Environmental Management Act) the ICMA (Integrated Coastal Management Act) and many other laws have been blatantly disregarded by the IWPA (iSimanagliso Wetland Park Authority)
The IWPA (iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority) has been making a mockery of the MSA (Municipal Systems Act) and deliberately not taken part in the local municipalities IDP (Integrated Development Plan), which has ensured that the public have never read
  • the IWPA ICMP (Isimangaliso Wetland Park Authority Integrated Coastal Management plan)
  • The IWPA IMP (iSimangaliso Wetland Park Integrated Management Plan)
  • any studies associated with the IWPA MP's Isimangaliso Wetland Park Authorities Management Plans
  • Public participation reports associated with these plans.
  • Zoning proposals and zoning schedules as specified in the Mtubatuba Municipality's LUMS  (Land Use Management Scheme)
  • any other relevant planning documentation specified by a host of laws including the WHA (World Heritage Act)
This has lead to the central government believing, and then informing the world that tourism within the iSimangaliso wetland park is alive and doing well.  Any visitor (read domestic tourist) who has visited St. Lucia recently as well as 9in the past will inform you that this is a load of BS (in English - BULL SHIT)  as it is blatantly obvious with the change in the makeup of shops and tourism activities that this is not true.

Caravan parks and camp sites have closed up shop, Self catering facilities that catered for large groups have closed up shop and been converted to guest houses that cater for up market individuals, the arts and crafts market has disappeared into nothingness, and the total tourism figures for the area have been misrepresented by the IWPA (iSimanagliso Wetland Park Authority)  in ways that have deceived government officials.

True tourism figures are not available for the Elephant Coast, as they have not been done on purpose to hide the IWPA (iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authorities) blatant and purposeful mismanagement efforts. The domestic tourism market within the Greater St. Lucia area has collapsed with more than 20 -000 people losing their jobs according to a study done by KZN Tourism, but no action has been taken to remedy this matter. 

why? Well I believe this has been done in preparation for the mining of Lake St. Lucia and the surrounding coastal sand dunes along the Elephant Coast of KZN South Africa. The 4x4 ban was in my opinion implement to ensure that the collapse of the domestic tourim market along the Elephant Coast of KZN South Africa was realised, so that when mining is eventually offered as a job creation project to alleviate the local poverty there would be no opposition, as the tourism industry  would be non existent.

 recommended reading

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Social media and advertising stuff from big brother

If you dont know who "BIG BROTHER" is then you are wasting your time reading this post.

BIG BROTHER  watches your every keystroke and follows each click of your mouse, when ever you give him and his many allies the opportunity. This is scary stuff for those who wish to hide or those that have privacy concerns.

I just read this post http://www.zdnet.com/quarantining-facebook-to-control-tracking-7000000228/  which reminded me of these very disturbing issues. But the big marketing firms are the main culprits, and not the governement (well not yet anyway)

Targeted advertising is getting better and better for those that have the resources to tap into the rich data mines that have evolved along with the social media growth. They know your every move, who your online friends are,  which chat rooms you visit, what you purchase online, who you purchased it from, how many searches you made about the product you purchased before you spent your hard earned cash, how many times you visited each online store, and what other items you looked at whilst browsing. SCARY STUFF but very true.

Each website you visit leaves a cookie on you computer, or the computer that you were using. when you login to a site from a different computer the site notes this and leaves an indicator within the cookie that you use different computers, so that the owners know that they need to treat your data slightly different to that fella who uses one access point only.

for those that do serious SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) these data mines are an interesting pool of information about how the end user interacts with your pages, and what tools to use to ensure your SEO  is treated as you would like it to be by the search engines and their marketing friends who are associated with BIG BROTHER.

Remember that you "SMART PHONE" is a computer too, and also keeps cookies in its memory bank. these cookies are vitally important for your security at any site, and deleting them places you in danger of having your info attacked by hackers. so be aware of what these cookies do before you just delete them from you computer. But getting your browser to remove them is also a security risk. What to do? 

Only do online banking from your own devices, never use a shared computer for any financial transactions of any nature. It is very risky to do so!!

always log out / off from any site that requires a pass word to enter

never allow your device to remember your pass word, if others get access they have access to all your remembered passwords.

When using Faceook, Twitter, Linkedin or other social media  you are bombarded with ADVERTISING FROM all sides and many different angles. take time and notice what these adds are for and be surprised at how accurate the marketing companies are getting with their offers.

Something about title tags and their value

Title tags are used in many places not just in the <HEAD> section of your page.

So what is the value of a title tag and why should it be used ? Read more and discover some truths that will help you understand who has trust in walking fish with demonstration placards

Thursday, July 12, 2012

direction switching pointers and the truth about META TAGS

in this post http://4ubrand.blogspot.com/2012/07/value-of-out-bound-links-for-your-seo.html we talk of direction switching pointers. This is a term used to describe what happens when a page is over optimised or has used BLACK HAT SEO (Search Engine Otimisation techniques deemed to be banned or illegal by Search Engines)

What this means is that a positive score suddenly becomes a negative score of equal value, distracting vast amounts of points from the score you would have had had you not been foolish or used trickery. This can cause your pages to disappear right out of all search listings in any one search engine. Other search engines notice this, then investigate why, and if they manage to pick up why follow suit, leaving you out in the cold with no visitors from any search engine.

I got a phone call asking me to explain this from a mate who received a draft copy, so I thought I had best advise everybody what is meant by this term "DIRECTION SWITCHING" . Us guys in the extreme end of SEO often forget that there are many non technical people who do SEO to the best of their ability, and we talk over their heads. I will need to remember this, and if you need any thing explained ask in my twitter page at twitter.com/info4u2use

I have been out in the cold for too long, and am seriously considering stepping back into the drivers seat, but miss the bush and the quite times excessively. I would rather be fishing than at a keyboard typing and scratching my head as to how best to do a simple task. ignorant people who don't care make my blood boil, and I am afraid of committing murder or some other atrocity, especially when I hear guys saying things like "META TAGS ARE REDUNDANT OR NOT USED BY SEARCH ENGINES"

If you believe that statement then you will believe that fish are walking down the high street in London asking for better pollution control. If you are told by a SEO technician that meta tags don't work then look for the fish walking down the road with banners asking for better pollution control, if you see the walking fish believe what you are told, else ask the SEO specialist where the walking fish can be found!!!!!

the value of out bound links for your SEO

When we talk SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and links most people forget about the true value of an out bound link, and hardly anybody optimises their out bound links.

This is a BIG MISTAKE as your out bound links are used to determine your authority and willingness to share data. Very often linking your pages directly to your oppositions pages pushes your pages right to the top of the pile within the SERPs (Search Engine Results Positions /Pages)

Why? well the answer is simple, search engines are there to make sharing of information easier and better, those that help get rewarded, those that hide their stuff get punished. its that simple.

The search engines use your out bound links in strange and sneaky ways, giving points for a variety of things in your links. Some of them are included in the list below, but this is very incomplete as search engines gaurd their algos (Algorithms) with great security and many traps.

Info for hard core SEO Specialists that worry about fractions of points . follows..
value of out bound links are influenced by 
  • Where they originate in  your page
  • how the content around the position of your out bound link in your page corresponds with the key words listed in the META tags of the site where the link is pointed to, if they even have a keyword list in their meta tags.
  • How deep into the linked site your link will land
  • How deep into your site the out going link comes from, often deeper links score much better and have more influence on a variety of related search issues connected with your site as a whole.
  • does your link have a book mark attached, if it does you will be surprised at the extra score it gives your site as a whole. links with bookmarks are very uncommon, but do amazing things for your site, coz it shows that you have visited the target site and followed their internal links to specific points within the target site. search engines like it when you use bookmarks, even internal links with book marks add to your score considerably.
  • what extra attribute you have given your out bound link within the <a href> tags such as <title> <purpose|> and others that are exceptionally sneaky and not always recognized or supported. careful how and where they are used. avoid black hat tactics at all costs here....  remember to nest these very securely, try these on pages of your testing domain so if the search engines get upset you have not lost too much, just your time and evaluation efforts.
  • each out bound link adds value to an accumulative total for your site as a whole, this influences your site score, which is used in the search engines algo (algorithm) to determine your individual page score, which again influences your word score that is used to calculate your site score. so a small change can have a big impact as the algo is repeated (reiterated) till it settles out at a value as determined by the strange mathematical equation that uses a wide variety of techniques including calculus and binary combinations with cut off levels and direction switching pointers that have impacts on other parts of the algo.
  • The various meta tags on the page where your link originates have an impact on the values associated with individual words within the content section near to where your link originates, which impact on the score of your site as a whole, not just the page where the link originates, as these scores are fed into strange algos as mentioned above.

The points you get for  out bound links are critical when it comes to words that compete for position in search results. An example is the word "accommodation" as used in the holiday and tourism websites that offer accommodation packages of various types for the city of Durban South Africa. Every fraction of a point is critical, as a search in Google for "accommodation" done at 14 h 49 on 12 July 2012 revealed that there were about  423,000,000 results. Getting to the top of that pile will take some serious effort and the points scored for out bound links will make a big difference to your pages position in SERPS (Search Engine Results pages)

Tip  for good SEO : --
1) optimise your out bound links with more care and you will get better SERP's (Search Engine Results Positions)
2) use the KEY WORDS META TAG it helps build your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) points in other areas that REALLY COUNT.
3) be careful of who you listen to, and do some personal testing to verify what others tell you. see this video http://www.metatags.org/google_ignores_meta_tags_in_ranking  and think!!!

read this post http://4ubrand.blogspot.com/2012/07/meta-tag-confusion.html

4U2STAY accommodation 4U

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Meta tag confusion

I have just watched this video again and was really shocked when listening very closely with the idea that META TAGS are not used and this will clearly show that is BS (BULL SHIT in simple truthful English)

Meta tags may not be used in page ranking as Matt says in the video, but clearly he says that they have great value when applied correctly.

what Matt forgets to tell people is that when these are misused, by placing words in your META TAG  <KEY WORD> that are not relevant to the content of your pages they attach a negative value to the whole key word tag and your page does not do as well as you thought it would.

If you do this on more than one page, you get punished even further, and each instance of this contravention of their basic rules adds more negative points to your score, so you slip up even further.

This does not mean that mis-spelt words in the  key words meta tag get punished, as their algo is big enough and powerful enough to distinguish between mis-spelt words and irrelevant words.

listen clearly how much info Matt lets slip about which methods to use when applying the META TAGs for your page. Remember that different types of pages require different types of META TAGS and these need to be evaluated carefully for contravention. use your common sense and think white hat not black hat.

By different types of pages I mean is your page generated by a database system, is it a static page, is it optimised for video, is it optimised for audio, are there many images, is it a sales page, an info page, is it connected to social media, or is it a technical page? these all need careful evaluation during the design stages of your page, as the target market is the key factor, with your pages being written for your target market the optimised for Search engines, and not with Search engines in mind and optimised for your target market. 

White hat SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is rewarded well  and black hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is punished in strange and unpleasant ways that cause your pages to be lower down the SERP (Search Engine Results Position/ Page) lists than you would imagine. Listen to the video carefully then listen again and think carefully about what Matt is saying http://www.metatags.org/google_ignores_meta_tags_in_ranking

a quote from the page where the video is found:

Start Quote:

The meta tags, an easy way to advice the search engines how to read and index your website, are no longer used. An End to Metatags, Meta Tags no longer work & Death Of A Meta Tag is what the self-proclaimed experts wrote in 2002.

They are wrong ! People keep re-writing the 2002 story over and over again. Why does these experts want to make you believe the metatags are of no use ?
The so called expert did the following test: He added the bogus word qiskodslajdmnkd to his keywords and a few days later searched for all of these words on the four major search engines of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Ask and found no pages that matched. If these search engines made use of the meta keywords tag the page had to start coming up. He searched for qiskodslajdmnkd and his home page didn’t come up. Conclusion: The meta keyword tag was not supported.

This test was way too simplistic to prove anything!

This test for the fake word qiskodslajdmnkd only proves that two engines don’t use it for SERP display if the keywords in a meta tag don’t appear on a page. Anything beyond that is conjecture as to cause-and-effect. Please search for these words in Google or Bing. Do you believe the copy-paste-13 year old Guru's or your own eyes?

End Quote

If the strange keyword is not in the page content, the page will be punished for "keyword stuffing" and similar issues. try it your self make 3 identical pages in the same directory, then once all three pages have been indexed by a search engine, and found in a search, add a strange  word to one page in the content leaving it out of the key word meta tag, just add the strange word to the meta tag of page 2 and in page 3 addd the word to the content and the key word meta tag. after a week or so go back and see which one gets a higher ranking for the specified word, as well as other key words that you used to find the pages earlier.

Seeing is believing, do this for your self, as who believes me anyway...

META TAGS and their purpose

We need to start somewhere, so lets jump in at the deep end and hold onto the side till we get comfortable before we start swimming in the soup of information about META TAGS and their purpose.
META TAGS are those small bits of information hidden in the <HEAD> section of the HTML code.  (Hypertext Markup Language - the code which makes your webpage understandable to all web browsers).
For those who have doubts about the value of meta tags read this if you are still convinced META TAGS have no value coz you are an expert, read this if you want to understand more read further

Shelly Beach 4U

Shelly Beach 4U is a marketing campaign for the many businesses and their products, services and community interactions along the Hibiscus Coast (South Coast) of KZN South Africa.

Shelly Beach 4U uses a combination of social media and cloud computing techniques to  market individual businesses and their existing online information to ensure better search engine rankings and larger ROI (Return On Investment) for their collective efforts.

Twitter page for Shelly Beach 4U - https://twitter.com/ShellyBeach4U
FaceBook Page for  Shelly Beach 4U  http://www.facebook.com/shellybeach4u
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These are all new pages and are slowly growing in popularity if you want your business listed in these pages fillin the form found here
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The services offered include:
  • A full range of cellphones, accessories and the latest data products for a complete cellular experience.
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for more visit our main site at http://www.vodacom4ulive.co.za/

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Changes that will take place soon

There are about to be many changes at Info4u with political issues being removed, and the 4x4 ban issues being passed over to others. Info4u will no longer be pushing the 4x4 ban issues, but we will continue to support the ARBU (Association of Recreational Beach Users) and their political issues.

Info4u will be focusing on CLOUD COMPUTING SERVICES and related matters. Our Facebook pages found at www.facebook.com/info4u2use and our Twitter pages at www.twitter.com/info4u2use will focus exclusively on supporting this blog and the main web site found at www.info4u.co.za

The pages at www.info4u.co.za will progressively change and drop the Elephant Coast marketing pages which will be moved to the domain www.mtuba4u.co.za. The web site www.birding4u.co.za will still recieve our support, but this will not be as prominent as it was in the past. 

Online marketing and advertising will reverie our primary attention from now on, and we will be ensuring that the tips and tricks mentioned by Frank Gainsford in his facebook post are also mentioned here along with more details and how to get your business listed in our South African focused marketing pages at www.info4u.co.za

Info4u will be placing some free adds and free marketing space available to the public who take the time to respond to our efforts during the next few weeks, our income will be mostly from paid advertising space in our blogs, websites and other online social media marketing campaigns as well as from consulting fees and fees to set up small and micro companies with cloud computing services such as
  • email
  • blogs
  • facebook
  • twitter
  • web sites (www.yourcompany.co.za)
Info4u will also be offering some short courses which will cover the basics of  how to use social media for your business. These courses will not have any certificates attached, and are not recognized by any training authority, but they will not coast you an arm and a leg. These very elementary courses will give you the confidence to start your own marketing and will be supported by our marketing pages.

Follow us on twitter -check our FaceBook pages

New approach to supply Info4u2use products and services.

I have not been blogging here for some time now, and have had a big change in my thinking patterns. I have had a focus shift, and my company is busy with a major  makeover, moving away from the Elephant Coast marketing platform to marketing and supplying cloud computing services for the small and micro industries of South Africa.

We have a face book profile run by Frank Gainsford at www.facebook.com/info4u2use and a Twitter Profile at www.twitter.com/info4u2use which along with this blog and other social media platforms will be complementing the pages found at www.info4u.co.za to market and advertise the Info4u services and products.

Info4u will be marketing the many GOOGLE products available and our primary focus is on small and micro businesses which we will support and educate in ways that will allow them to make good use of the current trends in cloud computing and related marketing aspects of the Internet.