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Facebook Adds and SEO

Facebook Advertising is the new buzz word in social media circles and needs some serious attention from the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) crew, but first we need to determine the value of your Facebook marketing and placing adds within Facebook for your situation.

Read the whole post first then  read the 2 links at the bottom of this post to better evaluate what is written here

This evaluational is a complex task  that can only be done by your own marketing team, because of the list below...
  • they know what they have done, and others can ask about what is missing, and why it is missing after looking at the complied list of what has been done and what has been left out - 
  • others=
    • SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) team
    • Web publishing team
    • Social media team
  • they know where they have placed adds, others can ask why the specified location and not else where
  • they know what SEO related tasks have been done to promote those adds they have placed, and your SEO team can discuss what is missing, then add to their own independent SEO efforts accordingly
  • They know your target audience and their preferred platform of use, as well as how to get a call to action functional within that platform.
  •  They have selected the action call, associated images, key words and key word phrases accordingly
  • They have the tools to determine 
    • the ROI (Return On Investment),  
    • the popularity of your Facebook adds
    • actions taken by viewers and subsequent results
    • impact on brand retention and brand recognition
Marketing, web publishing, SEO  and Social media need to be integrated for any one of them to be successful.

If there is or is not  a related web site associated with the Facebook marketing efforts is the next critical question, with additional questions being how many links from within the related Facebook marketing pages to this web site are there and what key words and keyword phrases were used in these related Facebook
  • adds 
  • posts
  • fan pages
  • apps 
Next you need to evaluate your web site, blogs, and other marketing avenues using the same or similar tactics and tools. Then you have a fair means of evaluating  the face book add and its value to your complete marketing strategy, which should include but not be limited to
  • inputs from your marketing team
  • inputs from your social media team
  • inputs from your online publishing team (web master and crew)
  • inputs from the SEO team - separate from online publishing
  • inputs from production staff
  • inputs from management and PR teams
  • inputs from your sales team showing sales graphs and related statistics so that these can be interpreted  correctly taking Social media signals and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) efforts into account and linking these to peaks and troughs in sales. Often sales and sales data are not part of this picture, due to the lack of integration because of marketing staffs selfish attitudes
Remember that Facebook does not allow the editing of their HTML nor insertion of  any META DATA into  their pages, so  only extreme basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is performed on your Facebook pages, including your Facebook Adds. Unfortunately your marketing staff do not consider SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)  and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) as part of company marketing strategy for some obscure reason.

Facebook adds create great value within Facebook for your :
  • likes
  • friends
  • shares
These social signals (likes, shares and friends)  are interpreted by most popular search engines today  and add value to the SEO JUICE  factor which is included in the SE (Search Engine)  SEA's (Search Engine Algorithms) and passed on to the linked pages from the specified profiles / fans pages

The greater the SEO JUICE factor of a page the better a linked to page scores within SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages / listings) and thus the closer to the top of the SERP's. Unfortunately Facebook Adds do not link directly to a website out side of the face book domain, so you need to ensure that the landing page of your advert within the Facebook domain contains at least one link, and preferably more to your sales pages within a domain that you control and can optimise for the search engines using the carried SEO JUICE to your best advantage.

The Facebook adds landing page needs great care when the basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is done as this SEO is extremely limited to the on page selection of keywords and  key word phrases as well as the in-page copy and any inbound links that you have generated from other domains to the Facebook landing page (The page your Facebook add refers to)

Facebook has their own internal linking structure and tools, which you need to understand and use as well by placing posts and fan pages within Facebook with carefully planned links, linking to the URL of your Facebook add. This very basic SMSEO ( Social Media Search Engine Optimisation) practice improves the value of the add within the Facebook SEA (Search Engine Algorithm)  and subsequently improves the quantity and quality of the SEO JUICE carried over to your pages from the Facebook add.

What this means is that you must use the Facebook adds to funnel your prospects from Facebook to your sales pages in your own domain, and use this strategy as part of your overall SEO strategy to improve your SERP's (Search Engine Results Page Listings) within Search engines to catch all searchers looking for your product / service / information thus improving your overall marketing and ROI (Return On Investment) of your total marketing budget.

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