Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Business to community webcasts and your business

Webcasts can be very effective as a social media supplement, and add value to your social media posts. web casts are very effective marketing tools, and have good results in most search engines. placing a page within your blog space with your web cast links is the most effective way to go, as this will be  a static page with many references from
  • your web site, 
  • internally within your blog
  • your various social media campaigns
  • your subscriber base at YouTube
  • Your subscriber bases within your various social media platforms
The site to learn about the techniques and procedures involved in web caste is http://www.business2community.com/   It is realy worth your while to check out this site and consider becoming a member. their tips and tricks as well as associated learning materials that they link to are trully informative and helpful.

check out these links within their pages
http://guides.business2community.com/ - how to start up guides
http://research.business2community.com/ business to community research library
http://training.business2community.com/ business to community elearning center
http://www.business2community.com/ building better business relationships through engaging communities

remember to think about FUFISM when using social media, as this helps get perspective on what you are doing, and what results to expect as well as who should be monitoring your responses and what actions they should be taking.

Your target market needs serious evaluation and must be researched properly before you set up your webcast. Your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is dependent on your target market selection,  and should be integrated into your whole marketing strategy for each separate webcast.

Remember that marketing is a team effort and that everybody within your company and organisation must always be prepared, as strange things can happen very easily and any one of your web casts or other social media posts could go viral at any time, and if you have applied FUFISM then you will be well rewarded

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