Saturday, June 11, 2016

The influence of your SEMANTIC FOOTPRINT

SEMANTIC FOOTPRINTS are powerful bread crumb trails that lead to your online work, and leave evidence for search engines to discover where your  expertise and interests are exposed to the world, so that these may be added to their database in ways that search engines are able to use this  info in their algorithms to ensure that your online content is matched to your areas of expertise for purposes of crediting your content with both author and publisher expertise values.  this ensures that your work gets the attention it deserves within the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) space

SEMANTIC  TRUST and SEMANTIC FOOTPRINTS are  becoming ever more important  in terms of SEO (Search Engine  optimization) as  Search Engines improve their ability to identify individuals  and the niche  where they are knowledgeable  or have some expertise

Authors, contributors and publishers that have not yet started to make use of this in terms of their branding and marketing  tactics need to evaluate this and see how this should be used in terms of their online Marketing  strategies where SEO is important  to ensure that HIGH QUALITY  traffic  is driven from  all search  engines to your online business pages.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization  is not only the in-page stuff but also includes off pages stuff as well as off line marketing such as newspaper  marketing and radio advertising.  I have blogged about this before here

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