Wednesday, August 09, 2017

What is the purpose of repurposing content ?


The topic of re-purposing content is coming up a lot these days,  and this recent post by  +Neal Schaffer  is just one example.

Most folks do not realize the SEO benefits of re-purposing your online content, and the value that this adds to your #SEMANTICFOOTPRINT

The term re-purposing is also just another way of saying that you are doing content marketing.....   just saying that words are confusing to folks who are not willing to understand the context of conversations.

Your original content is already within the online environment, and re-purposing your content allows you to do all the basic SEO tricks such as but not limited to

Most online marketing folks use a host of tricks and big words to confuse management and business owners into believing their version of online marketing is different and has more value than others.  These are quite often the same  folks that use the phrase "SEO IS DEAD"  and similar attention grabbing or click bait tactics to enforce their new version of online marketing where Search Engine Optimization is vilified and   made to appear as irrelevant or irrational.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has evolved from a links and keywords only issue, way back in the late 1990's,  into a vast complex set of issues that are all interconnected and impact on each other through strange and mysterious relationships within the semantic environments of the inter-webs.

Re-purposing your content and linking the new work to the original content in a manner that it expands the conversation,  in different platforms,  is not a difficult task, and the powerful influence of this within the semantic marketing space, where the depth of your semantic footprint is the issue at stake, must never be underestimated.

Search Engines are now using these issues in complex algorithms, to determine the intent of your online content,  so that they may match this intent with the intent of search queries.  This  matching of intent  is a very complex issue, but one that has become essential due to the vast amount of data and information available within the interwebs.  It thus follows that re-purposing your online content and linking the different aspects of the conversation around the actual intent of the original piece of content is very benificial to your SERPs or Search Engine Results pages.

This re-purposing will also give you more than one avenue of getting discovered in the search engine, as each piece of content will have an opportunity to feature within the SERP's, and if your marketing is done well,  you will dominate the Search Engine Rankings for your desired set of keywords and semantically related topics, with many different platforms featuring within the SERP's. 

Folks will be able to find your content within the different platforms, using the internal search engine features of each separate platform,   and if you have ensured that your social media marketing is within the public environment, then you will also have multiple listings in search engines,  making your brand, company or business seem much more important.  Multiple listings in the SERP's will elevate your marketing to unimaginable heights.  

Re-purposing your content has been around for quite some time, never being  spoken of as re-purposing but as content marketing, social media marketing and other confusing terms, specifically to make the folks who use these tactics, seem more important than they are.   SEO or Search engine Optimization, is in reality just a very complex integration of all your online marketing efforts into a single well managed online marketing effort.

I have been using the term #FUFISM or Functional User Friendly Integrated Social Media   for some time now, and am thus greatful to all them online marketing folks who are now begining to move away from the idea of marketing silos where each marketing platform is seen as a stand alone platform to the apparently new concept of #INTEGRATEDMARKETING


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