Tuesday, November 13, 2012

what is the value of colour in terms of SEO

The value of colour in terms of SEOV (Search Engine Optimisation Value) is underestimated because it is not seen as a ranking factor for search engines within the marketing world.

This is a big mistake, and is caused by the misunderstanding of SEO (search Engine Optimisation) in general marketing terms. In the past SEO technical staff were the only ones involved in SEO. This has changed drastically over the last year  where SM (social Media) has become the newest buzz word and is now considered to be a prime factor in the SEO industry.

Read this article on the issue of colour and its value to your web site also read the comments which are insightful as well.

You really do need to consider your target market with their social values and  cultural values as well as group preferences when considering colours for your web site or a section of your web site. Once this has been evaluated by the marketing team you need to do a small test run on a subsection of your pages and get user feed back.

Look carefully at what they have to say, as all the search engines have done this and are currently using user appreciation and user functionality as part of their SEOV (Search Engine Optimisation Value) system, where individual pages get scored for a variety of factors which are all entered into the SEA (Search Engine Algorithm) which determine your pages SERP's (Search Engine Results Page Positions)

If the SE's (Search Engines) like your colour scheme and think you pages are user friendly you will do a lot better in the SERP's. Remember things like readability and site aesthetics are determined by your colour scheme. So take your time on this one and do a few small tests on some sub domains to see the results before rushing off and making any changes to your colour scheme

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