Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What's the value of a Google+ +1?

What's the value of a Google+ or a +1? Now this is a good question that needs some explanation.

Social signals are the new buzz word in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and are quite a scary bunch of things affecting page rank and SERP (Search Engine Results page)

There are thousands of SOCIAL MEDIA networks each with their own set of unique social signals for sharing things, recommending things, approving things, disapproving things and many more.

read this article discussing the value of your Google+ or 1+ 

but there is more than this guy says.... READ FURTHER

Each of these social signals is evaluated and given an SEOV (Search Engine Optimisation Value) by search engines for web sites, web pages, blogs, forums and other online platforms. If your web site has none of these signals you are loosing out big-time.

These social signals carry a different weighted structure to conventional links within the SEOVS (Search Engine Optimisation Value Systems) used by SE's (Search Engines) to link an end users search query, to your page, and display the pages the SE (Search Engine) believes the searcher was looking in the SERP's  (Search Engine Results Pages)

All social signals add value to your online offerings, so ensure you get your share by participating socially in at least one of the social networks, and having a Facebook fans  page or a Google+ business page is not a bad idea. Having both  and a pinterest page, a Linkedin page and pages at other social networks is also a good idea, but remember you need to manage these social media platforms and post socially on a regular basis to gain any real benefit from these social media platforms.

If your page, site, blog or other online platform has a social media page like a Google + business page be sure to have its logo and links at prominent places within your online offering. remember to link your social media efforts to your main site through as many channels as the social media platform offers, and your site must carry the social media platforms branded links at prominent places to......

Lots of small things soon add up to a lot of things that take up your time, so choose carefully and do not create social media pages that you will not be able to manage. It wont last long before the Search Engines start ignoring these social media signals because they do become stale, and loose their value over time. You can keep them fresh by being active on the social media platform and referring to old posts in new posts.

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