Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Why Should people connect with you?

Why Should people connect with you?

This is a very powerful and important question that all business owners need to answer, and they do need to be honest to the point of being brutal when they answer this question.

Online marketing is a very complicated affair, and there are so many different aspects that one needs to get under control, that it is very scary for all small business owners. There is so much help online for each segment, that it boggles the mind, and confuses the issue even more.

So where does one start with these issues?

Start with documenting your business purpose, aims and objectives, then evaluate these and compare them with your current marketing efforts, and understand what this means for your target audience.  Are you chasing the numbers, or are you trying to have a conversation with your audience?

If you are chasing the numbers then your audience will see this and ignore you, how ever if you are trying to have a conversation with your audience, they will interpret this and respond appropriately.

People will connect with you if you give them the opportunity, and respond appropriately when they take up your offer. Its kind of like walking down the street, if you avoid eye contact with every body and look the other way,  why should they stop and speak about the weather.  On the other hand if you look at people and greet them, then perhaps you may be able to strike up a conversation and discuss the weather,  a local event or some other common issue.  If you are all salesy and just push your self onto people and start talking about a product you want to sell, asking then to buy your stuff, then most will also ignore you and walk on past, or even worse call some back up and get you chased out of their space, and if you are in a shopping mall call security and get you turfed out of the building.


Being online is no different to life in the real world when it comes to behavioral issues, and trying to connect  online has the same principals and issues as trying to connect with people in real life as this short video (just under half an hour) with +Jason T. Wiser  and +Yifat Cohen explains quite well
This video is part of Jasons HOA's that he holds to promote his business interests, actually  highlights some of the related issues.   Watch the video and enjoy the feeling that you get when things fall into place so that you have a better understanding of why your target audience would want to connect with you.
Once again #FUFISM or Functional User Friendly Integrated Social Media is all about using the social media as a communication tool to integrate all your marketing into one solid well oiled marketing machine, so think carefully about why your target audience should connect with you within the social media space and do what needs to be done so that your target audience feels comfortable connecting with you within the platforms that you make available to them, and that you respond to the attempts that your audience makes to interact with you.

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