Thursday, December 18, 2014

A work in progress needs a mind map

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#FUFISM   or Functional User Friendly Integrated Social Media is a marketing philosophy where the social media is used as the primary communication tool  to bind all your marketing both online and offline into one single well managed and properly  integrated marketing effort.

This is no easy task  and requires many different people working in very diverse fields  to co-operate and work together as a team, sharing  a vast amount of data, in a variety of formats, so that those in each separate discipline can understand, interpret,  then make good use of the data supplied by the other disciplines in a manner that improves the many different  #SEOVI  (Search Engine Optimisation Value Indicators) associated with their personal efforts, and allow for these SEOVI to be carried forward to other areas where a search engine may use these variables,  to determine the value of other connected and interrelated SEOVI.

It should be noted here, and remembered further that Google professes to use in excess of 250 different SEOVI when determining their SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages) and that each of these many different SEOVI adds some value to your online work in the eyes of a search engine, and every tiny piece of value counts when you are dealing with highly  competitive search terms

Management issues associated with a FUFISM based marketing Strategy

A FUFISM based marketing strategy is no easy task and it requires a great deal of management of many diverse factors as well as a large team of professionals from a  variety of very different backgrounds. These professionals will all need to be re-educated as to the value of SEO and where SEO fits into the current online marketing world.

Many things changed when the Google Hummingbird algorithm was introduced in September / October 2013 and most marketing professionals have not yet been informed of the impact of these changes on the online search industry with most having no clue or very little knowledge of SEMANTIC SEARCH

This lack of knowledge about SEMANTIC search and the Google Hummingbird algorithm is a very big issue and I have personally found a great deal of resistance to the cooperative working environment where large volumes of  information that was previously held in separate *SILOS* by different company departments, now needs to be shared across all company departments in an open and transparent manner.

In the past most departments did their own research and the web site design team was often left out in the cold, doing their own  research into a number of different fields that was duplicated by
  • the blogging team
  • social media team
  • print media team
  • radio marketing team
  • public relations management team
  • product development team

When implementing a FUFISM based marketing Strategy,  the SEO team needs to be involved in all marketing strategies as the most important part of any SEO strategy is the large volume of #OPSEO or Off Page Search Engine Optimisation that takes place through many different channels where the social media is the one that has the highest levels of influence on your SERP's through the link building and associated semantic foot prints as well as the semantic linkages with their associated trust factors

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