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The value of HUMOR as a semantic search marketing tool

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Humor within your online marketing is always a personal; choice, and for many business owners and managers this is a serious affair, and there should not be any humor, in the office or within their marketing... This  bad attitude also flows through in CORPORATE THINKING where most marketing is done in SILOS with each marketing department doing their own thing.


This thinking by corporate business and most C-SUIT teams (Chief Something officers)  is purely because (at east in my mind) these people do not understand that SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the CORE ELEMENT in your total marketing plan.

You need to remember,  that from a #FUFISM  based marketing perspective  SEO or Search Engine Optimisation has three major sections which are

1)  #IPSEO or inpage search engine optimisation
2)   #OPSEO or Off page search engine Optimisation
3)  #OLSEO  or *Off Line Search Engine Optimisation*

You also need to remember that these three SEO elements, IPSEO,  OPSEO and OLSEO  need to be properly aligned, and that your basic target market research and related key words apply to all three of these separate  but co-dependent marketing strategies.

Humor, especially within the OFF LINE ENVIRONMENT is very effective.

We all know about IPSEO  which is where all the sneaky and devious in-page stuff is housed within the HTML code and related files such as image files, data base files, video files, audio files, CCS files  and text files amongst many others.     Stuff like out bound links and the REL = AUTHOR tag as well as all the META DATA both within the <HEAD> and <body> sections including the the navigation structure of your pages are relevant here.  There are many other sneaky and devious things that can be done, as part of IPSEO, some of them suspect or Black hat, and some of them directly related to SEMANTIC SEARCH

It should be noted here that most OPSEO is still within the ONLINE ENVIRONMENT

OPSEO or off page SEO is where you add semantic value to your online content through the associations of your social media posts discussing your online content through the direct links within your social media posts to your online content.  Then there are the issues of Link building, inbound marketing, search marketing and so many other deviously hidden off page SEO tactics.  These off page SEO tactics  add value to your online content in a number of different ways, mostly due to the links that connect them together and the related *SEMANTIC FOOTPRINTS* of each digital entity which references your online content or is referenced by those who discuss your online contentment in some or other way.

The last one in the list OLSEO  is a bit tricky and also one of the most vital components of your TOTAL SEO STRATEGY    This is where you PHYSIOLOGICALLY ATTACK .  your intended target market audience through all offline means available to you such as but not limited to:

in the news papers
in magazines
in flyers and billboard advertising
in your radio marketing
at road shows or speaking at industry specific events

The purpose of these PHYSIOLOGICAL ATTACKS  is to  PLANT SEMANTIC SEEDS that will grow and blossom into a welcome fruit called SEARCH QUERIES that have the most relevant search terms for your online content.


These search terms as used by your intended target market audience in their online search queries are the key to great SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages)  You can have the best results within the SERP's for your selected keywords, but if your intended target market does not use your KEYWORDS as a search terms within their SEARCH QUERIES your IPSEO and OPSEO has been most wasteful and ineffective.

*HUMOR* has many strange hooks  that sneak their way into the memory and associate your *SEMANTIC SEEDS* with your work, your products, your service, your events and related issues.  These are the best and most valuable semantic seeds that you need to germinate, nurture and fertilize as time goes along to ensure that your intended target market uses these SEMANTIC SEEDS to grow a great semantically related vocabulary so that they may use them within their search queries.

You must remember that,  from a marketing perspective,  the function of a search engine is to match SEARCH QUERIES  to your KEYWORDS  this implies that you need to take control of your intended target markets thinking patterns and ensure that your keywords surface in their thought processes.

With out this vital connection between your keywords and a search query your online work may never be anywhere near the top of the SERP's.

I blogged about this the other day title = "blog post discussing OLSEO by Frank Gainaford (yours truly)" where I discussed what is OLSEO and why you should use it.

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