Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Social media metrics

Social Media metrics and issues to consider  when evaluating your social media impact.

Social media metrics is a very confusing area that needs careful planning and plenty of insights as to what you are measuring, why you are measuring what you are measuring and how to interpret the actual figures that get produced as a result of your measuring.

 On 13 may 2014 the guys at +Stone Temple Consulting held a HOA (Hangout On Air) discussing this very complicated issue which is embedded here for you to watch.

Take your time and watch this HOA before proceeding

When measuring the impact of you social media efforts there are many issues to consider, and if you do not have a #FUFISM based marketing plan in place then things get rather murky very fast.

The biggest benefit of  having a  FUFISM based marketing plan in place is that you know your target market and how they are expected to interact with your social media posts.  If you know,  or have an idea of how your intended target market is expected react to your call to action statements then you would have an idea of how you would measure the effectiveness of your call to action statements within your social media posts.

To understand these issues you will need to have a fair understanding of  some terminology.

Read about SEO here if you are not sure of what SEO is .
Read about FUFISM or Functional User Friendly Integrated Social Media

Social media signals for Google Plus

Followers - the number of people who follow your social media profile
shares = the number of times that your content has been shared
comments = the number of individual comments on your post

Social media signals for FaceBook

Like = the numberof people who have clicked the like button
Shares = the number of people who have shared you post
Comments = the number of comments that your post has received

Social media stats are very much similar for all social media platforms, actual follower numbers are not that important, how ever your view count, which is  often difficult to locate, is the real issue at stake, coz if nobody sees your stuff how can they click on like or share your stuff?


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