Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Inbound links, out bound links and the Things not strings rules

 last Friday (18 November 2022) I wrote about the power of links when using the Strings Not Things rules and some readers got ever so confused.

The Google Hummingbird algorithm did not replace any of Google's algorithms, but added extra new variables into the Google Search environment. this confused many, and many snake oil sales folks jumped on the bandwagon and marketed their special brand of snake oil...

noe for those that do not know #SnakeOil is that elusive stuff that appears to be helpful, coz it camoflages things, and hides the truth. new content has freshness signals, which these snake oil sales folks use to make you believe that things are going well, but after a few weeks, you see no true improvement. 

Well with the things not strings rules, most things you do have  long term objectives as well as immediate and short-term goals. now the long term objectives are all about Entity Graphs, trust maps and their links to the knowledge base of your online content. So outbound recognitionlinks are the initial primary key. there are two sets of outbound links placed with in every piece of content. the first is the internal group and the second is the external group..  inbound links are also divided into two groups, in the same manner, first is internal, which you control and manage, the second is external, which you need to ask for, and perhaps even negotiate with other information providers to get recognitian, and 

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