Thursday, July 12, 2012

direction switching pointers and the truth about META TAGS

in this post we talk of direction switching pointers. This is a term used to describe what happens when a page is over optimised or has used BLACK HAT SEO (Search Engine Otimisation techniques deemed to be banned or illegal by Search Engines)

What this means is that a positive score suddenly becomes a negative score of equal value, distracting vast amounts of points from the score you would have had had you not been foolish or used trickery. This can cause your pages to disappear right out of all search listings in any one search engine. Other search engines notice this, then investigate why, and if they manage to pick up why follow suit, leaving you out in the cold with no visitors from any search engine.

I got a phone call asking me to explain this from a mate who received a draft copy, so I thought I had best advise everybody what is meant by this term "DIRECTION SWITCHING" . Us guys in the extreme end of SEO often forget that there are many non technical people who do SEO to the best of their ability, and we talk over their heads. I will need to remember this, and if you need any thing explained ask in my twitter page at

I have been out in the cold for too long, and am seriously considering stepping back into the drivers seat, but miss the bush and the quite times excessively. I would rather be fishing than at a keyboard typing and scratching my head as to how best to do a simple task. ignorant people who don't care make my blood boil, and I am afraid of committing murder or some other atrocity, especially when I hear guys saying things like "META TAGS ARE REDUNDANT OR NOT USED BY SEARCH ENGINES"

If you believe that statement then you will believe that fish are walking down the high street in London asking for better pollution control. If you are told by a SEO technician that meta tags don't work then look for the fish walking down the road with banners asking for better pollution control, if you see the walking fish believe what you are told, else ask the SEO specialist where the walking fish can be found!!!!!

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