Saturday, July 14, 2012

Something about title tags and their value

Title tags are used in many places not just in the <HEAD> section of your page.

So what is the value of a title tag and why should it be used ? Read more and discover some truths that will help you understand who has trust in walking fish with demonstration placards

check this old post I found again when doing a bit of research for this post it reminded me of quite a few things,

A title tag as a  META TAG in the head section of an htm or html  page (URL or web page) is essential, and is often displayed in your SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages) as the intro or lead info. So you need to write good, clear, understandable titles to ensure better click scores in your SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages/Positions)

Some times the description is used, and some search engines do a double take comparing  your title tag as well description tag with the page content. The closer the matching relevance the more points you get in the SE (Search Engine) algo (algorithm) These points are important and make an extreme impact on your SERP's (Search Engine Results pages /Positions) If any body tells you different, ask about the fish walking down the high street in London as described at the bottom of this post

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Title tags are used in many other places within the code of your page to help search engines with understanding more about your links, images and other objects on page.

This is done by hard coding as most design software will not have the means to do this. You edit the code directly and insert a title tag into the link. image or other objects attributes as in the example below which  links to a site I will be promoting and re-branding over the next few months.

the code for the link above is shown below notice the piece  high lighted in red 
<a href="" target="_blank" title="link to info4u web site"><br />
What does it do ?
1) it offers the viewer / reader a pop-up tip on where the link will go, or what the link is about.
2) it informs the search engine more about the destination of the  LINK
3) it allows you to use your key word once more in a place where it will get extra SEO score for your
   a) page
   b) site
   c) key word total score
4) it makes your site more user friendly which the search engines appreciate
5) it helps with viewer retention scores that boost your time on page scores
6) it encourages clicks on your link which improves your trust worthiness at search engines. many people visiting with no clicks gets no scores, each time a visitor clicks on a link that exact specified on page link acquires a score in the search engines data base. The more clicks a particular piece of on-page code gets,  the higher the page will rank for the keywords associated with these accumulated clicks. this is very poorly understood by most SEO technicians who have trust in the walking fish as at the bottom of this post 

You may add title tags like this into a variety of other objects  attributes within your own onpage code (images, tables, lists, headings, and others). If used in conjunction with an alt tag in an images attributes then you have a better way of scoring a host of extra points for you page in the SEO totals, especially if the image is used as an internal or out bound link, coz it will then carry a whole lot more SEO(Search Engine Optimization)  juice across to the landing page,  and as you should be aware, the higher the score at your landing page (the destination of your link), the higher the score for particular key words in your link code. so each instance of your key word in the link code adds to the score of the keyword for your site, your page and your total SEO score, which includes the score of the linked destination page.

If the image is just to make the page look pretty, that's alright too. adding a title and alt tag will still add to your on-page score considerably. Remember that when competing with other sites and pages for SERP's (Search Engine Results Positions) each fraction of a point is critical to ensure the top spot.

Do not believe every thing you are told!!! do your own experimentation on a private / personal level in your own test site. this will help you to become better and assist you  in identifying those that believe in walking fish with placards as discussed at the bottom of this post 

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