Thursday, July 12, 2012

Meta tag confusion

I have just watched this video again and was really shocked when listening very closely with the idea that META TAGS are not used and this will clearly show that is BS (BULL SHIT in simple truthful English)

Meta tags may not be used in page ranking as Matt says in the video, but clearly he says that they have great value when applied correctly.

what Matt forgets to tell people is that when these are misused, by placing words in your META TAG  <KEY WORD> that are not relevant to the content of your pages they attach a negative value to the whole key word tag and your page does not do as well as you thought it would.

If you do this on more than one page, you get punished even further, and each instance of this contravention of their basic rules adds more negative points to your score, so you slip up even further.

This does not mean that mis-spelt words in the  key words meta tag get punished, as their algo is big enough and powerful enough to distinguish between mis-spelt words and irrelevant words.

listen clearly how much info Matt lets slip about which methods to use when applying the META TAGs for your page. Remember that different types of pages require different types of META TAGS and these need to be evaluated carefully for contravention. use your common sense and think white hat not black hat.

By different types of pages I mean is your page generated by a database system, is it a static page, is it optimised for video, is it optimised for audio, are there many images, is it a sales page, an info page, is it connected to social media, or is it a technical page? these all need careful evaluation during the design stages of your page, as the target market is the key factor, with your pages being written for your target market the optimised for Search engines, and not with Search engines in mind and optimised for your target market. 

White hat SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is rewarded well  and black hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is punished in strange and unpleasant ways that cause your pages to be lower down the SERP (Search Engine Results Position/ Page) lists than you would imagine. Listen to the video carefully then listen again and think carefully about what Matt is saying

a quote from the page where the video is found:

Start Quote:

The meta tags, an easy way to advice the search engines how to read and index your website, are no longer used. An End to Metatags, Meta Tags no longer work & Death Of A Meta Tag is what the self-proclaimed experts wrote in 2002.

They are wrong ! People keep re-writing the 2002 story over and over again. Why does these experts want to make you believe the metatags are of no use ?
The so called expert did the following test: He added the bogus word qiskodslajdmnkd to his keywords and a few days later searched for all of these words on the four major search engines of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Ask and found no pages that matched. If these search engines made use of the meta keywords tag the page had to start coming up. He searched for qiskodslajdmnkd and his home page didn’t come up. Conclusion: The meta keyword tag was not supported.

This test was way too simplistic to prove anything!

This test for the fake word qiskodslajdmnkd only proves that two engines don’t use it for SERP display if the keywords in a meta tag don’t appear on a page. Anything beyond that is conjecture as to cause-and-effect. Please search for these words in Google or Bing. Do you believe the copy-paste-13 year old Guru's or your own eyes?

End Quote

If the strange keyword is not in the page content, the page will be punished for "keyword stuffing" and similar issues. try it your self make 3 identical pages in the same directory, then once all three pages have been indexed by a search engine, and found in a search, add a strange  word to one page in the content leaving it out of the key word meta tag, just add the strange word to the meta tag of page 2 and in page 3 addd the word to the content and the key word meta tag. after a week or so go back and see which one gets a higher ranking for the specified word, as well as other key words that you used to find the pages earlier.

Seeing is believing, do this for your self, as who believes me anyway...

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